Kurulus Osman Episode 35 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 35 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 35 – Season 2

34 Episode Recap:

In the last episode, you see that Gaykhatu goes back. And Arsalan is punished for his treason. Ertugrul falls ill and the tribal system begins to deteriorate. At the same time, the Nikola’s Army takes over the Kolo Jahsar Castle.

This fort was conquered by Osman and his companions. Osman wants to recapture the fort immediately, But Usman’s brothers do not want to rush into this.

Which makes Usman very upset, Because he knows that if the fort is not recaptured, they can attack the tribe as well. And that is what keeps’ Osman away from his brothers. Ertugrul also comes to his senses and asks Abdur Rehman Ghazi about the condition of the tribe.

Rehman says the situation is fine and Gaykhatu has returned because of Osman. On the other hand, Arsalan forms a jirga in which he invites all the chiefs.

Usman’s uncles and brothers are invited to the jirga but Usman is not invited. The purpose of convening a jirga is to accept the enslavement of the Mongols and this is unbearable for ‘Osman.


Usman forcibly enters the jirga and invites the chiefs to join me, So we can get out of slavery and lay the foundation of an empire.

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